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It is my pleasure to introduce The Literacy Learning Progressions, one of the professional tools provided to support the New Zealand Curriculum. This is the revised, final version of the progressions.

The draft document Literacy Learning Progressions: Meeting the Reading and Writing Demands of the Curriculum was distributed for consultation in November 2007. Feedback was collated and analysed in November 2008, and a report of the findings was published in 2009 on a Ministry of Education website.

New Zealand has a world-leading curriculum that sets out the vision, values, key competencies, and learning areas for our New Zealand schools and students. The National Standards in reading and writing have been aligned closely to the New Zealand Curriculum and to these Literacy Learning Progressions, which also support key government initiatives, including Ka Hikitia and the Pasifika Education Plan.

The Literacy Learning Progressions describe the specific literacy knowledge, skills, and attitudes that students draw on in order to meet the reading and writing demands of the curriculum. Literacy in English is critical in enabling students to engage successfully with all aspects of the curriculum. The key competencies and all the learning areas depend on students being able to understand, respond to, and use a variety of forms of written language (as well as oral and visual language) in order to think about, locate, interpret, and evaluate ideas and information and to communicate with other people.

Teachers need to ensure that their students develop the literacy expertise that will enable them to engage with the curriculum at increasing levels of complexity and with increasing independence. As students progress through schooling, they need to be able to read and write increasingly complex texts and to engage with increasingly complex tasks. The Literacy Learning Progressions take account of this increasing complexity and describe the literacy expertise that students need in order to meet these demands. The levels of demand that students are expected to meet are set out in The New Zealand Curriculum Reading and Writing Standards for Years 1–8.

The Ministry thanks all who have contributed to the development of the draft Literacy Learning Progressions and all who have contributed to revising this final version.

Nāku noa

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Karen Sewell
Secretary for Education

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