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The Literacy Learning Progressions: Meeting the Reading and Writing Demands of the Curriculum is a professional tool for teachers. It describes and illustrates the literacy-related knowledge, skills, and attitudes that students need to draw on in order to meet the reading and writing demands of the New Zealand Curriculum from year 1 to year 10. The expectations for levels of students’ literacy expertise, for each year of schooling through to the end of year 8, are set out in The New Zealand Curriculum Reading and Writing Standards for Years 1–8 (2009). The Literacy Learning Progressions alert teachers to what students need to know and be able to do, at specific points in their schooling, if they are to engage with the texts and tasks of the curriculum and make the expected progress.

The Literacy Learning Progressions are neither an assessment tool nor a teaching programme; rather, they provide a reference point. Teachers should refer to them when gathering information about their students’ literacy strengths and needs (using a variety of reliable formal and informal assessment tools and procedures) in order to plan effective literacy learning programmes. The intention is that students will develop their literacy expertise (the knowledge, skills, and attitudes described in the progressions) purposefully, in meaningful contexts.

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